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Our Academics

We combine high academic standards with captivating lessons that build from day to day… and year to year.
We shape not just what children know, but who they become with character-building content that reinforces Biblical values.

We train the children to be fantastic communicators through writing with an emphasis on grammar and mechanics within English and other languages. Preparing topical and sentence outlines, diagramming, and perfecting capitalization and punctuation rules are just a few concepts that will propel your child into a proper language.


From earthquakes and volcanoes to clouds and galaxies, we show our children the features of God’s Creation here on earth as well as the Great Beyond with Science. These textbooks guide your child through a study of geology, oceanography, meteorology, astronomy, and environmental science. A thorough study of rocks, soil, and fossils will give your child ample proofs that this earth was created by God and not evolutionary processes. 


With daily writing practice our students review basic letter formation and graduate into creative writing entries and penmanship exercises that include poetry and word puzzles. Daily exercises and weekly tests will help your child master his hand-writing ability.

History and Geography

Our students will blaze the trail of exploration into the Western Hemisphere with New World History and Geography. They´ll travel along the beautiful sea coasts of Prince Edward Island in Canada and study the characteristics and geographical features of Canada, the United States, Mexico, Caribbean, Central America, and South America. Your child will understand and appreciate the history, beauty, and variety of the countries of the “New World.”


We help our students review concepts from previous years, and jump into new ideas to prepare them for the future. Our Mathematics reviews fractions, decimals, percentages, and applies them to life situations such as taxes, income, and insurance. Basic geometry and trigonometry are introduced in problem solving exercises to encourage application of concepts. 

Physical Education

We provide our students with a variety of physical activities that teach skills and promote lifelong active lifestyles! Our useful resources give our students a plan that includes the descriptions/requirements/rules for 23 recommended indoor and outdoor sports and games. This subject helps us instruct our students in a safe and enjoyable way. 

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